About Matt Weir

I believe I grew up in a fortunate environment, meaning I lived near a forested park and adjoining woods. This regular physical and psychological exposure to nature, the environment and its elements ushered my early proclivity to constructive methods and sculptural materials.

I graduated Cum Laude with a BFA from the University of Louisville Hite Art Institute with minors in Humanities and Art History in 2004. Throughout that time in school, I was also busy apprenticing with a diverse set of professional artists, studios and a bronze art foundry. My time associated with the Bright Foundry lasted for approximately 15 years. In 2016 it closed permanently and I co-organized a team to succeed it as Falls Art Foundry.

I live and work in Louisville, Kentucky, where I have maintained a personal studio in the Germantown neighborhood for the past 12 years. Falls Art Foundry is located in the historic Portland neighborhood.

As full-time professional artist my practice is encompassed by a constant exchange between the physical, conceptual, and social elements of my work and my personal intents. Thus, throughout my practice of thought and material action, my works develop concurrently and responsively to each other and the passage of time. Meanwhile, I actively encourage and welcome young artists and students into the creative and technical processes of the studio, both as repayment for my own apprenticeships and as an objectively critical means of constructive social exchange. 

My work is contextualized by and scientifically responsive to the anthropocentric era, wherein humans are dramatically altering every place and earth system. I consider myself to be a figurative artist due to this inherent self interest. With a naturalist’s inclination to scientific observation my art may be best summarized as contemporary works on nature and behavior.

 Matt Weir is an accomplished artist with works and exhibitions at 21c Museum Hotel, Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Actor’s Theater of Louisville, The Kinsey Institute, Swanson Reed Contemporary, Evansville Museum of Art, History and Science and Bernheim Forest amongst many others. His work stands in the collections of the City of Louisville, Oldham County, KY, Vandalia, Ohio, the Shapin- Nicolas collection, 21c Museum, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Cave Hill Cemetery, Daimler Chrysler, St. Xavier High School, University of Louisville and amongst many private collections as well. Significant commissions include: “Earth Measure,” at Bernheim Forest, a 100 ton assembled and carved stone interactive land art piece. “Presence,” a polychromed aluminum public art ‘sign’ in downtown Louisville, KY. “Panthera tigris,” an over life size realistic bronze tiger sculpture at St. Xavier High School. “At Play in Geologic Time,” his public art stone work created for a nationally juried symposium in Vandalia, Ohio.

Matthew Weir is a member of The National Sculpture Society and The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.