Artist Statement

My artwork is nurtured through the contextual and critical observation of nature and behavior. My perspective is that of a craftsperson, artist and student of natural history. The goal of my work is to usher a more profound relationship with nature through art, science and active experiences in space. Through challenging and contemporary issues related to nature, the environment and identity, my compositions engage a diverse variety of materials and their inherent processes. I believe that materials can function as signs, symbols, words, and concepts, and that through the thoughtful curation of disparate things, a more cohesive and adaptive conversation of meanings may occur.

In 1975, scientist Edward O. Wilson spoke of the ‘new synthesis’ in terms of our enlightened understanding of the evolutionary biological world and our seamless inclusion within it, my work may be considered relative to this now contemporary environment. 

My work is contextualized by and scientifically responsive to the anthropocentric era, wherein humans are dramatically altering every place and earth system. I consider myself to be a figurative artist due to this inherent self interest. With a naturalist’s inclination to scientific observation my art may be best summarized as Contemporary Works on Nature and Behavior.

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