As Twere a Mirror to Nature



“As Twere a Mirror to Nature,” is a mirror polished lost wax process cast bronze plaque with the text “natura non facit saltum” embossed into the surface. The Latin phrase “natura non facit saltum” translates as ‘nature makes no leaps’ and is a pre-Darwinian concept for the methodology for evolution. In this case the artwork reflects a much more individual scale of time and change, as it reflects one’s aging identity and the contextual stuff of their lives.

Polished cast bronze
15” x 20.5” x .75”

Brain : Object

Artifact (iron)
Iron / Sedimentary limestone
7” h x 24.75” w x 18” d.

Artifact is a cast iron brain paired with a naturally occurring crystal formation in a sedimentary stone or fossil layer. The entire composition weathered and rusted outdoors for an extended period of time, which created the rust stain on the stone. The piece is intended to ambiguously suggest both our human stain and impact on the planet as well as our natural developmental context.


Bronze Brain










Panthera tigris


Beyond a high school mascot, Panthera tigris was designed in the context of the environmental conditions and threats of extinction, which tigers face in the wild natural environment. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species currently lists Panthera tigris as Endangered.

Panthera tigris
St. Xavier High School
Bronze & Indiana Limestone.
6’ 8” H x 11” W 7’ D.

At Play in Geologic Time


At Play in Geologic Time is a sculpture that was created for the Vandalia, Ohio “Chiseled” Public Art sculpture symposium. Within this context, Weir was competitively selected from around the US with four other artists to create their works from solid blocks of Indiana Limestone on site. At Play In Geologic Time is a sculptural variation of a photographic print of Weir’s and depicts the human brain in a ‘pixilated’ state. The opposite side of the sculpture presents a theatrical stage. As a cohesive work, the stage and brain carved from the 350 Ma (million year old) sedimentary limestone are meant to invoke the geologic time scale and an evolutionary context whereas human behavior and the brain are as living fossils, thus presenting a pre-determined performance in which we are simply at play.

Indiana Limestone.
72” h x 60” w x 30” d.
Vandalia, Ohio. 2010