Saddle Point #5 (MODELS with Tim Harbour)

Saddle Point #5 is an expression of the ongoing Saddle Point Series. In this form Matt Weir collaborates as set designer with the Louisville Ballet and Australian choreographer Tim Harbour for the world premier of MODELS at Lexington, Kentucky’s Opera House.

Foam, board, pigment. 36′ x 13′ x 8′. 2019.

“Tim Harbour, resident choreographer from The Australian Ballet has come to Kentucky to create this collaborative masterpiece for UNITED STATE OF DANCE. Robert Curran introduced Harbour to acclaimed Kentucky sculptor, Matt Weir, and they shared concepts of landscapes, music and the aesthetic that link their two art forms. They decided to conjur a future idyllic place entered by a nascent people without historical preconceptions. Weir’s new sculpture will hang mobile-like above the stage. Harbour chose the fun, eclectic and critically acclaimed Point for music and found inspiration from puppets for his new population as they grow to find their humanity in the new land.”

Choreography by Tim Harbour
Music by Cornelius from the album, Point
Performed by dancers from Lexington Ballet and Louisville Ballet

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